images (1)The will of the people represents a basis of the state power. This will is expressed regularly through free and fair elections by universal, equal, direct, secret, and freely expressed suffrage. Since 1994, in Moldova have been held several types of general elections:

  • Parliamentary — when members to Parliament are elected;
  • Local — when the local counselors and mayors are elected;
  • Presidential — until 2000 the President of the Republic of Moldova was elected by direct popular vote; since 2000 the President is being elected by Parliament.

Moreover, on the Autonomous Territorial Unit of Gagauzia (Gagauz ATU) took place regional elections to the People’s Assembly and for the Governor of Gagauzia. These elections are organized and held in compliance with the Law on special legal status of Gagauzia (Gagauz Yeri) and normative acts of Gagauz ATU.

Usually, the general elections are held every 4 years, when the mandate of previously elected authorities expires. If the mandate ends before the expiration date, the early elections could be organized. The early elections are conducted under the similar rules, but the election campaign is shorter.

Problems of utmost importance for the Moldovan society or state shall be resolved by referendum, which is organized and conducted in compliance with the provisions of the Electoral Code. The republican referendum — voting that permits the expression of people’s option and contributes to solve the existing problems directly. Referendum may be constitutional, legislative and consultative. Issues that are of special importance for the respective locality and that fall in the competence of local public administration bodies, including the mayor’s revocation, may be proposed for local referendum.


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