The December 2010 elections were the fifth electoral campaign for Governor (Bashkan) of the ATU Gagauzia. In the first round of elections, none of the three candidates received necessary 50% of votes needed for an outright win. Therefore, the runoff elections were held on December 26 between Mihail Formuzal and Nicolai Dudoglo, the two candidates who received the largest number of votes in the first round of elections. The elections were declared valid with a voter turnout at 56.83%, and the incumbent Governor,Mihail Formuzal, was reelected for a second term.

The autonomous territorial unit with special status Gagauzia (Gagauz Yeri) held elections to the 5th People’s Assembly (Halk Toplusu) in 35 uninominal electoral districts in September 2012. As many as 163 candidates (83 representatives of political parties and 80 independents) ran for elections. Both rounds of elections were validated; the turnout was 50.65 percent in the first round and 50.96 percent in the runoff vote. The newly elected People’s Assembly is made of 7 PCRM representatives, 2 PLDM representatives, 1 PSRM representative and 25 independents.

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