Candu Andrian

                              ANDRIAN CanDU                             

Ex-Speaker of Parliament

Deputy Chairman of the Democratic Party

Andrian Cadnu has been elected Speaker in January 2015, following the November 2014 Parliamentary elections. Candu graduated in 1998 with a Bachelors degree in law from the “Babes-Bolay” University, Cluj, Romania. Candu completed his graduate studies at the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration, Institute for Austrian and International Tax Law.

He began his professional career in 1998 as a staffer in the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Moldova Parliament, where he worked till 2002. He went on to practice law, lead a business venture and teach at the Academy of Public Administration of the President of the Republic of Moldova, all part-time. From November 2002 till August 2010 he worked for PriceWaterhouseCoopers Moldova, rising through the ranks to head of country office. He left PWC to manage Plahotniuc’s holding.

As Plahotniuc entered the public spotlight and joined the Democrats before the November 2010 parliamentary elections, Candu briefly served as CEO of Prime Management LLC, which included Plahotniuc’s assets in banking, real estate, media, hotel business and other services, only to be elected to Parliament in December 2010, along his godfather – Plahotniuc.  Candu held a 5% stake in Prime Management, with 90% belonging to  Plahotniuc. He sold the 5% in 2014.

After being elected to Parliament, Candu became a member of the Parliamentary Committee on Legal Affairs, Appointments and Immunities then quickly rose through the ranks. In May 2013 he was elected Deputy Speaker of the Parliament. Whereas in July 2014 he became Minister of Economy, Deputy Prime Minister. Following the 2014 parliamentary elections, Candu was elected – Speaker of Parliament in January 2015.

Despite his professional  acumen, his fulminant career advancements are viewed  as being a direct result of his close ties to business mogul and Democratic Party Senior VP Vlad Plahotniuc.  Candu is yet to become a formidable political figure in his own right, yet rumor has it that he is posed to become Prime Minister very soon, which is going to propel him even further into the national spotlight, but whether he can shake off the shadow of his powerful protector remains to be seen.


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