Official webpage of the Republic of Moldova   moldova

Moldova is an integral part of Europe and has a rich history. This country is situated in the contact zone between different cultural and historic trends – Carpathian-Balkan, Central-European and Eurasian, and during its multi-millennial history harmoniously absorbed diverse cultural traditions of Proto-Indo-European peoples, including the Thracians, Slavs, Celts, Goths, Huns, etc.


Legislation of the Republic of Moldova  

State Register of Legal Acts    (updated but only available in Romania)

Laws and regulations of Moldova     (IMF Office in Moldova provides English translations that may not be official nor exactly up to date, but they are useful for a better understanding of the legal framework in Moldova.)

Moldovan Legislation       (The World Law Guide offers a broader selection of Moldovan laws in unofficial English translation as well as some in Romanian and Russian original. They may be outdated to an extent, but are still useful for grasping the regulatory framework in a wide range of areas.)



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