Major Documents

The Constitution of the Republic of Moldovadownload (2)

Adopted on July 29, 1994 by the Moldovan Parliament and published in the Official Monitor, N1, July 18, 1994. The current Constitution of Moldova came into force on 27th August 1994, abrogating the previous Constitution of 1978, including all its subsequent revisions and amendments, in its entirety.


The Declaration of Independence of the Republic of Moldova

The Declaration of Independence was adopted by Parliament following the failure of the August coup attempt in Moscow. The document claims “millennial history” and “uninterrupted statehood” within historic and ethnic borders and refers to the official language as “Romanian.” This founding act of the Republic of Moldova from 1991 is celebrated on August 27, the National Independence Day.  The original document was approved and signed by 278 parliament deputies on 27 August 1991, but burned in a parliament safe during 2009 Chisinau riots.  An identical document was restored in 2010 and resigned by over 200 “founding fathers.” The signatures of those that passed away have been scanned, while several Communist MPs and two former lawmakers from the Transnistria region refused to participate. The Declaration clearly and directly claims Moldovan sovereignty over the territory of Transnistria, calling it a “part of the historical and ethnic territory of our people”. However the same document is itself used as an argument against Moldovan sovereignty over Transnistria as it denounces the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact of August 23, 1939, between the governments of the USSR and Germany that incorporated Transnistria into Moldova. The restored Declaration is now stored at the National Bank Treasury for extra security.




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