News Media, launched in 2004, is the first automatic news aggregator and processor in Moldova. Today, monitors stories from many popular websites in 3 languages (Romanian, Russian and English), including important national and regional media, news agencies, newspaper and magazines, press releases and exclusively online sources. is recognized by many of his visitors as a dynamic and easy to use service.

National Public Broadcaster  “Teleradio-Moldova” (TRM) is the public broadcasting Radio and TV service from the Republic of Moldova. it activates in conformity with the stipulations of the Audiovisual Code and covers the whole country territory with  programs for the whole society.

moplpres_2_State News Agency MOLDPRES, as a self-financing media body, is the quickest source of correct and fair informing, the most trustworthy producer and distributor of news and press photos, editor of legislative and normative acts from the Republic of Moldova.

Intotag logo

News agency INFOTAG opened in March 1992. A group of journalists — who could not agree with the manner of official covering of the Transnistrian armed conflict and the information war it had triggered — decided to establish the first independent news agency in Moldova. Today INFOTAG provides daily reports, commentaries and analyses focusing on politics, economy, social and culture. INFOTAG products are based on exclusive information supplemented with analyses made by agency experts.

Logo IPN

IPN (Info-Prim Neo) is an independent news agency based in Chisinau. IPN is successor to the municipal agency Info-Prim, being registered as a private entity in June 2005. Our mission is to deliver to our readers useful and reliable news in a prompt manner.


The Independent Journalism Center (IJC) is a non-government, non-profit, non-political private institution that provides assistance to journalists and media outlets in the Republic of Moldova. The IJC mission is to facilitate the development of an informed society by strengthening a free and viable press, including new media, by means of projects that provide education in journalism and public relations, advocacy media campaigns, research, media literacy, and non-profit journalistic products. The IJC was established in 1994 as a project of the Open World House and in 1998 became an independent organization. It is supported by the British and United States Embassies, USAID,  IREX,  OSCE, NED, East Europe Foundation, Open Society Institute, among others.

Tribuna, launched in August 2011, is a newcomer to the media market, but was able to establish itself as a creative and innovative resource.  The news portal stands out as it is devoted specifically to Moldovan politics. Its editorial team consists largely of former Liberal Democrat public relations staffers.

Moldovan Media Landscape



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