Think Tanks

ADEPT: Association for Participatory DemocracyAssociation for Participatory Democracy –  ADEPT is a public, non-governmental, non-for-profit and politically non-affiliated organization based in Moldova. ADEPT was registered in January 2000 and has been awarded a Certificate of Public Utility.  ADEPT is an independent centre of analysis and consultation on the decision-making, political, electoral and socio-economic processes in the Republic of Moldova and in the wider region. ADEPT’s mission is to promote the democratic values and support citizen active participation in public affairs.


print_enForeign Policy Association of Moldova – APE is Moldova’s leading foreign policy think-tank, committed to supporting Moldova’s Europeanization, integration into the European Union and a viable settlement of the Transnistrian conflict. It was established in fall 2003 by a group of well-known experts, public personalities and former senior officials and diplomats reunited by their commitment to contribute their expertise and experience to a comprehensive analysis of Moldova’s foreign policy options and formulation of an efficient foreign policy.



Institute for Development and Social Initiatives – IDIS “Viitorul” is a research, education and outreach organization which activates in the field of economic analysis, governance, law, political sciences, strategic and organizational science. IDIS is also a common platform that brings together young intellectuals who are concerned with the success of transition towards the free market and the open society. IDIS helps them to contribute with their energies, values and virtues, providing its logistic, moral and intellectual support and advices them regarding their future projects and initiatives. Consistent with this mission, IDIS has forged several linkages between the academic and policy-making environments, generating policy analysis and recommendations for various areas of public interest, creating and disseminating of the best practices, good governance, and economic analysis.


expert-grupEXPERT-GRUP is a leading think tank from the Republic of Moldova. A non-governmental and not-for-profit organization specialized in economic and policy research, EXPERT-GRUP does not represent any economic, corporate or political interests. As independent organization, EXPERT-GRUP reflects the ideals of the young intellectuals from Moldova who have created the institution with the purpose of contributing to the country’s development. Among other types of organizations in the civil society of Moldova, EXPERT-GRUP positions itself as a politically and ideologically neutral think-tank. Our core activity is economic analysis, forecast and policy research. In this area, we offer a wide range of analytical products and services helping our beneficiaries to take decisions supporting the development path of Moldova. Our key competence lies in the ability to provide professional, high-quality and objective research in such broad fields as:

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